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Sponsored Seats Available!

Watch your Kid Step into a World of Imagination and Entrepreneurship!

This engaging and exciting 9 week program combines your kids creativity with the thrill of entrepreneurship. We invite your kid to embark with us on a fun and impactful KidPreneur Entrepreneurship program this summer, where they have a supported hands-on-experience creating a product business. This course was designed for budding youth entrepreneurs, aged 7 to 13 in the Fraser Valley, BC. Join us in nurturing tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.
Next course starts Fall 2023!

Why Choose Biz Kids?

Are your kids looking for something beyond the typical afterschool activities? Our BizKids Workshops will fuel their imaginations as they learn valuable new skills!

Be part of your child’s exciting journey into entrepreneurship during our BizKids Workshop.

→ Transform an idea into a tangible product business venture

→ Acquire life skills that extend beyond the classroom

→ Develop critical thinking and enhance problem-solving abilities

→ Improve their emotional intelligence

BizKids Faq


What is the age range for the BizKids Workshop?

The BizKids Workshop is designed for children aged 7 to 13 years old 


What is the goal of the BizKids Workshop?

The goal is to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in children. They’ll learn to transform ideas into a product business venture while acquiring life skills and enhancing critical thinking.


How long is the BizKids Workshop?

The workshop spans over 9 weeks with a Market Day on 8th week, where kids can sell their product at a local market. Each session lasts 1.5 hours.


What will my child gain from the BizKids Workshop?

Your child will have the opportunity to create and develop their own product business idea, learn critical thinking, improve emotional intelligence, and have the chance to sell their product at a local market.


What is the location of the BizKids Workshop?

The Abbotsford workshops will be held in our in-home classroom specially designed for child friendly workshops. Located at Fraser Hwy & Lefeuvre Rd (exact address will be provided upon registration)


What is the cost for the BizKids Workshop?

The entire program costs $247. This includes participation in the Kids Local Market, a Getting Started Package, a child-friendly T-shirt, and a personalized Ideas Journal.


Who runs the BizKids Workshops?

The BizKids Workshop is an initiative of Sage Learners Society, a team committed to nurturing the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Guiding our workshops is Travis McLaren, a skilled entrepreneur with the unique experience of competing in Dragon’s Den Season 4. Jenefer Neale will also be an assistant facilitator.


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