Media Release

Photo & Media Consent & Release Form

I, the undersigned, hereby grant Sage Learners Society, along with its appointed representatives and facilitators, the irrevocable right to capture photographs, video footage, and/or audio recordings of my child during their participation in any programs facilitated by Sage Learners Society.


I provide my explicit consent for Sage Learners Society to collect, utilize, reproduce, distribute, and publish these materials in their entirety or in part, for any lawful objective, including but not limited to promotional, editorial, advertising, website content, public exhibitions, or display purposes. The areas of dissemination may encompass the Sage Learners Society’s website, social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube, and printed mediums like advertisements, community leisure guides, or similar.


I acknowledge and agree that no compensation will be sought presently or in the future for the use of these materials; the copyright of these materials remains the exclusive property of Sage Learners Society; I relinquish my right to review or approve these materials before their utilization and publication. I understand that, if published, these materials could be globally accessible and that Sage Learners Society holds no liability or responsibility for any third-party dissemination or use.


As a legal representative of my child, I HEREBY RELEASE Sage Learners Society and BizKids Practical Education Association, also known as Build a Biz Kids (henceforth referred to as BBK), from any potential claims that my child or I may have arising from the usage of the said photographs, video footage, and/or audio recordings, inclusive of, but not limited to, any potential claims of libel, or violation of any right of publicity or privacy. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Sage Learners Society and BBK, their directors, employees, or representatives against all claims suffered, incurred, or levied against them due to the use of the aforementioned materials.

Organization Name: Sage Learners Society



Media Release for Sage Learners Society

I consent to the above terms

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