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Sprinkle of Success!

Design Your Own Ice Cream Shoppe

  • Sweet Learning: This workshop combines the joy of making ice cream with basic entrepreneurial education.
  • For Young Entrepreneurs: Perfectly crafted for 7–13-year-olds, this 60-minute session delivers the delightful experience of creating an imaginary ice cream shoppe with $5,000 of play money.
  • Business Savvy: We cover basic business ingredients from idea conception, research, and budgeting to resource allocation, all tailored to youthful imaginations.
  • Art Meets Business: Your child will incorporate design skills into the imaginary business creation process by drawing their very own ice cream shoppe storefront.
  • Hands-On Experience: Children will get their hands sticky, creating not just their dream ice cream shoppe, but also homemade ice cream to enjoy.

July 26 @ 1:00pm
August 9 @ 9:30am
August 21 @ 3:30pm

Duration: 1hr15min


Start with a Spark

Kid’s Business Blueprint

  • Ignite Ingenuity: This 60-minute pop-up workshop encourages entrepreneurial thinking while fueling your kid’s creative spirit through a fun business brainstorming journey experience.
  • Tailored for Young Minds: Custom-designed for 7-13 year-olds, this workshop transforms basic business concepts into relatable examples such as lemonade stands and pet care services.
  • Business Idea Brainstorm: A safe space for kids to dream big, where every business idea is encouraged, no matter how “outside the box” it may seem.
  • Sketch and Share: Kids create a visual business plan of their business idea and share their ideas for an imaginary product or service business with other kids, enhancing their communication skills and boosting their self-confidence through group discussions.
  • Life Skills Through Business: This immersive journey instills key skills like creativity, communication, and problem-solving, shaping your kids entrepreneurial mindset.



Brand Builders

Making Your Mark with Logos and Slogans!

  • Branding Fun for Kids: Have your kid journey into branding basics with our 60-minute pop-up workshop.
  • Tailored for Creative Minds: Created for kids aged 7-13, offering a relatable exploration into the world of logos and slogans, where kids create a unique logo and slogan for an imaginary product or service.
  • Engaging Logo and Slogan Session: An encouraging group brainstorm session where every creative idea for a unique logo and slogan is valued and nurtured.
  • Where Creativity Meets Strategy: Kids explore the artistic side of logo and slogan creation while getting a sneak peek into the real-world significance of branding.
  • Draw, Refine, and Showcase: Kids are encouraged to develop, fine-tune, and share their fun logos and slogans, allowing them to also work on their communication skills.



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